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Advoc8 White Paper: Making the Political Lifecycle Work for You

Political lifecycles are the constants around which any GR strategy should be built, especially during uncertain times.

Whilst modern-day politics is often defined by instability and unpredictability, there are still key points and timings during a government's term around which you can frame your overall government relations strategy with a considerable degree of certainty.

It's useful to conceptualise the existence of governments in terms of a political lifecycle when planning your strategy.

How do you capitalise on election campaigns? What should you avoid during caretaker mode? How do you effectively engage around Budget time?

This White Paper in the Advoc8 series explores the lifecycle of different governments and the events which define them, and offers practical advice on how to be involved at every stage.

Download here now to learn how to make the political lifecycle work for you, and to subscribe to future white papers.

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