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Advoc8 White Paper: Writing Strategic Submissions to Parliamentary Inquiries

Present your organisation in a positive light to politicians and staffers across the spectrum. Extend your reach with hard-hitting submissions.

Although it can often seem dull, the nitty-gritty workings of parliament can have a huge impact on policy outcomes. It's where legislation is made, and knowing how to manipulate the levers of power is a surefire way to increase your organisation's influence and point to the impact your advocacy is having.

Parliamentary inquiries play a central role in this process and can be a priceless opportunity or a regulatory risk to your business or organisation. They examine issues that call for extra scrutiny, giving advocates a chance to shape the debate, capitalise on the opportunities and minimise any threats.

Making a submission to an inquiry puts you on the front foot by presenting your organisation as an important stakeholder and highlighting the issues that are important to you. Our latest White Paper will help you write a hard-hitting submission.

Why should you bother making a submission? How do you put one together and what do you need to include? How do you follow up afterwards to ensure your hard work translates into lasting influence?

The latest instalment in the Advoc8 White Paper Series, Writing Strategic Submissions to Parliamentary Inquiries, outlines the ins and outs of inquiries and walks you through the submission-making process step-by-step.

Get access to the White Paper here to enhance your advocacy and sign up to future instalments in the Advoc8 White Paper series.

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