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Budget 2.0: More budgets, more chances to engage

As the first Albanese Government budget and the second for the year approaches, we share our three top tips for engagement.

With all the work involved in preparing for one, you’re probably thinking that one Federal budget is enough for the year. However it’s not uncommon for a newly elected government to start making its mark and implementing its policy agenda through a fresh budget. This is why in addition to the budget handed down by the former Morrison Government, Australia will have had two before the year is out. 

Next Tuesday, Treasurer Jim Chalmers will put forward how he intends to implement the Government’s $18.9 billion election platform in some challenging global and domestic conditions. He has already flagged that the Budget will likely be framed around cost of living relief, wages growth and dealing with supply issues.

Whether you’re heading down to Canberra for Budget Night or not, there are a few things you can do to get across it, and get ready for (yet another) budget in the typical month of May.

  1. Get across the measures that impact your organisation (but don’t worry, if you won’t find them, they will probably find you). The Treasurer’s Budget Speech, which you can watch at 7:30pm on the ABC News Channel, will kick things off with the headline figures and measures, while detailed documents are published on the Budget website, and media releases are issued by Treasury or relevant departments. Expect to see the big ticket items on official social media accounts too. The press will start reporting the Budget shortly after, having spent the better part of the afternoon in budget lock-up with early access to all the budget goodies.
  2. Be ready to respond to any new measures, especially if they benefit your cause. Being one of the first to react with a supportive media release or re-tweet, will garner close  attention from Ministers and their staff who will be awaiting the public’s  response to what has just been announced. Even if the Budget has left you wanting, it’s still a good hook to engage and put forward why more investment is needed in the future.
  3. Speaking of the future, it won’t be long before you’ll have to start making your asks for the next budget (especially if this one falls short). In a normal year, the budget is delivered in May so it can be considered by Parliament ahead of the new financial year. This means budget submissions are usually due around December/January so proposals can be taken to the Expenditure Review Committee (ERC) before Cabinet consideration and inclusion (or not) in the final Budget document. (The ERC, a subcommittee of Cabinet, is made up of the Prime Minister, Treasurer, Finance Minister and other Cabinet Ministers that the Government have deemed to be necessary, so this part of the process is your way to get your interests in front of the highest levels of Government.) 

Advoc8 integrates with ministerial and departmental media releases, social media and Parliament feeds. Ask for a demo now so you’re always on top of big government announcements like the Budget.

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