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Five ways to boost your advocacy with Advoc8

Explore the ways advocates are using Advoc8 to elevate their government engagement and demonstrate impact.

In the realm of government relations, staying on top of the ever-changing political landscape can be a daunting task. That's where Advoc8 comes in to simplify the process, offering powerful tools to elevate your advocacy efforts. From real-time political alerts to comprehensive stakeholder intelligence, we offer powerful tools that will elevate your advocacy efforts and demonstrate the impact of your work. 

Here we explore five ways Advoc8 can revolutionise your advocacy strategy.

  1. Monitoring the political landscape in real-time

Given how much is going on and how quickly things move in politics, it’s no wonder that staying on top of everything can feel overwhelming. Advoc8 integrates in real-time with social media, Hansards and media releases for policy makers, unions, and more, bringing all the political intelligence you need into the one, easily searchable place. Set up custom political alerts and email notifications around key people, keywords or topics - so you never miss a beat.

  1. Researching key stakeholders and issues

Wikipedia aside, Advoc8 has the most comprehensive library of in-depth MP biographies, covering hundreds of state and Federal politicians across Australia. Written by our seasoned team of researchers, our bios are crafted with GR professionals in mind and contain everything you need to know - from committee membership to factions and favourite sporting teams. Paired with our integrated political alerts, advocates love using these bios to get a deep understanding of who they’re meeting with and what they care about.

  1. Sending targeted outreach and mail outs

Need to send a newsletter to every backbencher on the east coast? Looking for all the Labor MPs in the Right faction? Forget about trawling Parliament websites and endless Google searches - Advoc8’s smart search and predefined stakeholder lists will surface who you need to find in a jiffy.

  1. Mapping out key stakeholders

Effective advocacy is all about building long term relationships with all sides of the political spectrum. But while most of us know which Minister to engage on a certain issue, it’s harder to know who else might be interested in or have influence over a policy decision. Advoc8 analyses every political alert from social media, state and Federal Parliaments and media releases to identify not only who’s talking about an issue, but who is particularly invested in it. We also make stakeholder mapping a breeze, meaning you can quickly find cohorts of champions or detractors and craft a strategy around each.

  1. Measuring progress and impact

Arguably one of the most challenging aspects of government relations is demonstrating success to senior leadership, members or clients. Advoc8’s tracking fields help advocates measure how support, sentiment and awareness among stakeholders is tracking over time. Coupled with keyword alerts to monitor policy-maker remarks about their organisation or cause, it’s a powerful way to demonstrate the value GR teams can bring.

Request a demo here to learn more about how to leverage our platform to empower your GR work.

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