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How the Government's New Energy Plan Affects Your Advocacy

What does the Government's new energy plan look like and what does it mean for your advocacy?

Energy policy and how this impacts power bills for households and businesses is shaping up to be the issue de jour. It's been the unrelenting headache for the Federal Government and the Opposition, along with State Governments.

At the heart of the issue is how to lock in reliable and affordable power while reducing emissions.

This week, the Turnbull Government released its energy plan, which will see the Government abandon a Clean Energy Target in an effort to reduce power prices, and introduce a 'National Energy Guarantee' to encourage investment in renewables while ensuring grid stability.

Green politicians and aligned political groups have savaged the Government for winding back subsidies for renewables, including the Clean Energy Target. Other industry groups have welcomed the measures as a good first step.

This will see the energy debate intensify as we march toward the 2019 election.

What it means for your advocacy work?

The most successful advocacy understands any given government's priorities and engages with government from that perspective.

Here's how your advocacy could benefit from engaging in the energy policy space:

  •  Energy policy crosses over a range of portfolios and industries. If your organisation/members/clients are significant energy users, the energy debate is an opportunity to become involved in this issue as a means of strengthening relationships with Government and Opposition MPs and staff. Energy policy can provide a 'foot in the door' to further discussion on your more critical advocacy issues.  
  •  Providing examples and potential solutions from your industry with regard to managing energy usage can also strengthen your relationship with government.  
  •  Providing opportunities for site visits as a 'key energy user' for relevant Ministers and backbenchers is a great way to build strong relationships. Read more about how to manage a successful site visit here.  
  •  Even tailoring your non-energy related advocacy to touch on the current energy policy debate can help raise the profile of your issue in the mind of government.  

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