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Recap: Industry Briefing on the 2023 ALP National Conference

Key takeaways and opportunities for engagement from our industry briefing on the 2023 ALP National Conference with Cornerstone Group.

Advoc8 and Cornerstone Government Relations joined forces to host an engaging discussion on everything GR professionals need to know in the lead up to the first in-person ALP Conference in five years.

Here are our top takeaways from the briefing: 

Key Issues

  • No drama: Given that next week’s conference is the first one since the election of the Albanese government, it’s unlikely that there will be any major fights or dissent. The Labor party will want to project an image of unity and work will be happening behind the scenes to ensure that nothing interferes with this.
  • Different from your previous conferences: The desire for a smooth-sailing event will be supported by the cohesion between different factions within the party. While anti-AUKUS sentiments from hard-left unions have been subject to routine media coverage, overall, there is far greater alignment between the left and the right on the key issues than there has been in the past. In this sense, the days of infighting and tension are long gone. 
  • The big issues: While the Voice to Parliament is currently dominating the debate in the media, it won’t be taking centre stage at the conference. The Government will want to use the conference to convey their focus on other kitchen table issues, like housing and the cost of living crisis.
  • Issue to watch: A policy that has the vested interest of many at the conference is the proposed motion to expand the number of territory senators from 2 to 6. Labor’s history of success in NT and ACT means that this motion will likely generate conversation. 

Opportunities to Engage

  • Get across the policy issues: Staying informed on what drives the party, what they’re trying to achieve, and how you can help is ultimately the best way to engage effectively with the Labor government, so be sure to read through the National Platform.
  • Get involved on the day: The Business Observer program offers the opportunity for a quick sit-down with a minister during the conference. While it’s not a lot of time to engage, it’s still a valuable opportunity to introduce yourself, flag important issues, and get a sense of what’s going to fly and what’s not. Use this brief conversation as momentum to strike a relationship, and follow-up later. You can also check out the Fringe Program, a more public forum to engage with delegates and other key stakeholders over key social and political issues.

Cornerstone is a well regarded bipartisan government relations firm operating nationally from Sydney and Canberra and engaging across all levels of Government, the political spectrum and work with key decision makers and influencers to help achieve your organisation's goals. Find out more about about Cornerstone here.

Advoc8 integrates with media releases, socials and Parliament feeds to track the key issues MPs and delegates are talking about, and has in-depth MP biographies to get you across who’s who in the ALP. Reach out for a demo today.

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