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NSW Election 2023 – is your government-facing team ready?

With the NSW poll less than a month away, how can you avoid being overwhelmed by the pre-election commotion and prepare for the result?

With less than a month until the NSW State Election, the flurry of campaign activity can be all consuming (for both politicians and advocates alike). To avoid being caught up, and subsequently overwhelmed, in the pre-election commotion we are sharing some quick tips to prepare for the 25 March vote, and respond to the results. 

Monitor closely in real-time

Although politicians are rarely camera-shy when it comes to media attention, the sheer volume of content around an election can make it difficult to keep track of what is being said (and who is saying it). To make sure you are catching all relevant updates related to your primary policy issues and industry, make sure to continuously monitor key socials and press statements by individuals and parties. Remember, it’s a 24 hour news cycle – so merely scrolling though the news headlines on the commute to the office will not be enough at election time. 

This is particularly important to staying on top of the issues which are dominating the conversation, such as cashless gambling cards. By understanding the broader landscape you will help you know what relevant levers can be pulled to persuade policy-makers or to profile your agenda at the opportune time.

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Develop a 'red book/blue book' approach

A 'red book/blue book' approach is a valuable model for organisations and advocacy groups to use in preparing for the post-election political environment. You can think of your red book as the one you’ll share with external stakeholders, containing an overview of the organisation, key issues and key messages that you can hand over to the new government. Your blue book serves more as an internal strategic engagement plan. 

See Advoc8’s guide on why this approach is of value, and how to make it work for your organisation, here.

Saying congratulations!...or commiserations…

Although the results may still be too close to call, one guarantee is that this election will have some winners and some losers. Regardless of what the voters decide, it is important to think about maintaining (or establishing) your government relationships – elections are a time to congratulate new (and returning) Ministers and thank outgoing ones (you never know where they'll reappear).

Stuck on what to say? We have you covered! Download our Congratulations and Commiserations letter templates here.

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