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Queensland Election = 5 Seats That Could Change the Outcome

Only a handful of seats could determine if a Major party will govern outright, or if Pauline Hanson will hold the balance of power.

Like John Snow, Pauline Hanson is poised to become the 'Queen in the North' this weekend.

Only a few seats need to change hands for the LNP to take Office, however with conservative voters disaffected across the nation, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party could scoop a solid handful and hold the balance of power in the single house QLD Legislature.

The battleground has become keenly split between the interests of regional Queensland, particularly in the North, and seats at risk of moving from Labor to the Greens in South Brisbane.

Labor originally supported the controversial yet job-creating Adani coal mine near Townsville, however, the Premier's surprise announcement that she would veto the Federal Government's loan to the Indian company to build the rail infrastructure has given the LNP and One Nation the high ground on this issue.

Here's a snapshot of five key seats that could change the Government:


Nestled on the coast and taking in Bribie Island, Pumicestone is the most marginal seat in the State on just 0.1%. The seat has been mired in controversy, with Labor's incumbent Member, Ray Williams, being disendorsed by the ALP on the eve of the election being called. Williams is running as an independent, but with a fresh Labor candidate, the LNP and a rejuvenated One Nation smacking their lips over this electoral prize, it's anyone's guess who'll come out on top.

Advoc8's call: Likely LNP hold.


A semi-rural seat on the western outskirts of Brisbane, Lockyer is an electorate One Nation will be desperate to pick up. Queen Pauline herself missed out on taking Lockyer in 2015 by just 100 votes. The LNP incumbent, Ian Rickuss, is retiring and if the LNP's new candidate can't scrounge enough primary votes to top One Nation, their preferences will ensure a One Nation victory. The seat sits on a margin of 1.8%.

Advoc8's call: One Nation win.


Logan is located in the Labor heartland South of Brisbane and originally sat on a margin of 10.8%. ALP incumbent Linus Power should easily have been re-elected on polling day. That was until QLD redistributions slashed the seat's margin to 5.9%. Facing a buoyant LNP and a high profile and popular One Nation candidate - former Hell's Angel Scott Bannon - preferences could see the seat fall to the LNP.

Advoc8's call: Likely ALP hold.


Just to the south-west of Townsville, Mundingburra is at the white-hot centre of the debate over the Adani coal mine. Labor holds the seat with a slim 1.8% margin and has changed hands on a number of occasions. Largely home to defence force personnel, One Nation will have appeal and their preferences could see the LNP take the seat.

Advoc8's call: Close LNP win.

South Brisbane

Another seat heavily impacted by debate over the Adani mine but for the opposite reason. The inner-city seat of South-Brisbane is a hot bed of anti-Adani protest, with the Greens capitalising on the city-based groundswell of opposition to the mine. Labor's incumbent and QLD Treasurer, Jacqui Trad holds the seat by 13.8 per cent, however, Trad has been under immense pressure from constituents following Labor's decision to support the Adani project.

Advoc8's call: Likely ALP hold.

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