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Scott Morrison's minor reshuffle makes a major statement

The Prime Minister's recent Cabinet reshuffle is a sign of what we can expect from Australian politics in 2021.

It's not Christmas time in Canberra without a Cabinet reshuffle. Potentially inspired by Santa himself, Morrison continues the theme of ''everyone's a winner' in the recent minor reshuffle.

However, well trained eyes might point out that promotions have primarily fallen on Morrison's Centre-Right faction, illustrating the political capital Morrison has accumulated during his time as Prime Minister.

It also is perhaps a foreshadowing of things to come. Despite repeatedly stating he's a ''full-termer', some have taken Morrison's move to elevate factional allies to the Ministry as all but confirmation of an early election in 2021. Without a Double Dissolution, the earliest date for a House and half-Senate election is August 7, 2021. Most likely it would fall on the last weekend of September or first two weekends of October.

However, an early election depends on the PM's continued popularity and job approval rating, which will be heavily influenced by a rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine before mid-2021, and an improved fiscal position fuelled by strong economic recovery. Whether or not Anthony Albanese stays on as Opposition Leader, may also play into the decision.

Who's in

  • Andrew Hastie MP: Promoted from the backbench to Assistant Minister for Defence
  • Senator Amanda Stoker: Promoted from the backbench to Assistant Minister to the Attorney-General
  • Hon Alex Hawke MP: Promoted within the outer ministry to Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs
  • Senator the Hon Zed Seselja: Promoted from the Assistant Ministry to Minister for International Development and the Pacific
  • Senator the Hon Jane Hume: Promoted from the Assistant Ministry to the Outer Ministry

Who's out

  • Hon David Coleman MP: After returning from a year on leave, he returns to duty in the Assistant Ministry.
  • Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck: Partly lost aged care portfolio to Greg Hunt.

Despite an unprecedented year for Government Relations, we wish all our readers a Happy Holidays, and health and happiness in the New Year.

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