Map your influence.

Visualise your organisation's electoral footprint in minutes with Advoc8 Maps.

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Tell your story with Maps.

MPs care about the issues affecting the people who elect them. Advoc8 Maps demonstrates the impact of your organisation in the place that matters most, their electorate.

Load your data

Getting your data into Maps is a simple as loading a spreadsheet. As long as you have an address column, you're good to go.

Uncover insights

Quantify your electoral footprint with hard numbers. Slice and dice your data with always up-to-date electoral boundaries.

Build a story

Make your case with interactive maps on a tablet, or print them out as a leave-behind (even up to poster size).

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Key features

With fresh MP data, simple activity tracking and powerful search and performance reports, Advoc8 gives you the tools to supercharge your advocacy.

Electoral Boundaries Built-in

Maps comes with boundaries already loaded. We update them whenever districts are redrawn so you don't have to.

Always accurate, and just a click away.

Statistical Insights

Analyse your own data, electorate by electorate.

With Maps you can filter your address data by electorate, and perform statistical analyses on the result. Quickly find key insights to share with your stakeholders.

High Resolution Exports

Every map you make can be exported as a high resolution image.

They are a great anchor for complex discussions and can be included in presentations, documents or even blown up to poster size.

What our customers say about us

“Advoc8's benefits include creating a corporate memory, helping us plan our forward stakeholder engagement and providing an opportunity to quantify and track it.”

CEO, Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia

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“Advoc8 is a real time saver. We used to spend about 3 hours a week maintaining our stakeholder database, which we no longer need to worry about thanks to Advoc8’s political directory.”

External Relations and Public Policy Manager, Diageo

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