The power of political monitoring in government relations

Why political monitoring is a potent tool for advocating change, influencing policies, and shaping laws.

When it comes to government relations and advocacy, political monitoring is a potent tool for advocating change, influencing policies, and shaping laws. However, while most GR people undertake some kind of monitoring, staying on top of the policy landscape has become increasingly challenging in a world where there are more voices engaging in public policy across more platforms than ever.

What is political monitoring?

Political monitoring involves staying on top of relevant news by various government stakeholders, whether Parliament, Ministers or the bureaucracy, as well as the many peak bodies and interest groups that seek to influence them. This ‘news’, commonly referred to as political intelligence, ranges from official policy positions, to ad hoc opinions and thoughts. Hundreds of statements are published through media releases, on social media, in Hansard any given day, as policy makers have become increasingly savvy at using different platforms to achieve different goals.

Why effective political monitoring is important

Having a focused monitoring regime targeting the right stakeholders and issues leads to better policy, funding and advocacy outcomes. That’s because timely access to relevant information empowers you to respond swiftly and appropriately. 

The right information at the right time can present an opportunity to build relationships. Catching a social media post from an influential cross-bencher or MP in a marginal seat is a powerful way to identify a key stakeholder, tailor your message to align with theirs, and even kick start the most unexpected of alliances. Likewise, a well crafted monitoring regime can flag negative commentary from adversaries or detractors, creating space to put forward a counter position or set the record straight with policy makers.

Tracking key government and industry players and what they are saying on issues you care about, can also help to establish you as an expert within your organisation. By promptly and articulately sharing important developments that impact executives, members or clients, it’s much easier to cement your role as the conduit between the outside world and in, and advise on the best approach to tackle issues and run campaigns.

Above all, a good monitoring regime ensures that important news or developments aren’t missed and the ability to respond is lost. Too many political alerts or too much time scanning irrelevant items, reduces our ability to find and process what actually matters. Targeted, quality political alerts reduce the mental load of political monitoring and means you never have to worry about missing something important.

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