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Advoc8 meets the unique needs of government-facing professionals like nothing else.

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Stay informed with APAC's most comprehensive government, industry and Parliamentary feeds, fully tailored to you and effortlessly shared with your team.

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Search extensive government directories, hundreds of in-depth political biographies and build targeted lists - fast. So you can focus on delivering outcomes.

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Show value every step of the way

Demonstrate impact in a few clicks with clever, customisable reports. Seamlessly pull data-rich, easy-to-read reports that clearly articulate progress and success.

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Political intelligence

Government and industry databases, Parliament, media and social feeds

Impact reporting

Bespoke tracking and reporting tools to measure impact

Electorate mapping

Easily map data over electoral boundaries

Issue management

A collaborative space to manage issues and campaigns

Stakeholder engagement

Intuitive, enterprise-grade relationship management

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We have a complex eco-system of engagement with government at a range of levels across multiple jurisdictions. Advoc8 is helping us to better co-ordinate, record and report our work and to streamline our approaches.
Head of Government Relations
Save The Children
Advoc8 has been absolutely pivotal to the work Medicines Australia is doing. Thanks to the rich data and customisable features, we are able to effectively communicate with important stakeholders in the government and health space on the issues that matter.
External Affairs Adviser
Medicines Australia
The beauty of Advoc8 is that it is the most powerful and user-friendly knowledge management tool we have ever come across. Our organisation has moved away from each team member managing in silo their own stakeholders, to that knowledge becoming our corporate memory. Simply brilliant!
Government Relations Manager
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