Profile: Three Women Shaping Politics in 2024

To celebrate International Women's Day, we look at three up-and-coming women to watch in Australian politics.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we look at three trailblazing women worth watching as they make their mark in Australian politics. In the spirit of the IWD theme, these politicians are inspiring not only through their political endeavours but also through their commitment to addressing societal challenges, ensuring that inclusion remains at the forefront of their advocacy.

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Jodie Belyea, Member for Dunkley - ALP

Jodie Belyea is a new face in politics, being elected as the Labor Member for the seat of Dunkley following the death of Peta Murphy in late 2023. While describing herself as a “Frankston mum” and “not a career politician”, Belyea has extensive experience in leadership roles across numerous industries - ranging from childcare, to housing infrastructure, and business development. 

Prior to entering Parliament, Jodie founded the Women’s Spirit Project, which delivers accessible fitness, health, and wellbeing programs for women who have experienced trauma. She has also served as the coordinator of Frankston South Community and Recreation Centre and as the vice-chair for the Derinya Art & Craft Exhibition. Her advocacy efforts mirror her policy areas of interest, which include welfare, social justice, affordable housing, and community development. 

Belyea’s passion for helping her local community and leadership experience will make her an invaluable asset to the Albanese government, who will want to convey their commitment to easing cost of living pressures and supporting disadvantaged Australians. 

Zoe McKenzie, Member for Flinders - LIB

Zoe McKenzie brings an impressive and vast experience in politics to the table. McKenzie was elected as the Member for Flinders in 2022 (which happens to be the neighbouring electorate of Jodie Belyea). In a show of support, McKenzie posted a photo congratulating Belyea on her victory. Although not appreciated by some in the Liberal Party, it highlights points to a potentially productive working relationship between the two that rises above traditional party rivalry. 

Having served as a member on the Australia Council for the Arts Board and her local Mornington Peninsula Committee, McKenzie brought her passion for the arts and the environment to her work as a politician, as she currently sits on the Communications and Arts Committee, as well as the Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water Committee.

Working in politics for a while, first advising former Education, Science, and Training Minister Brendan Nelson, then serving as Chief of Staff for former Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb, McKenzie brings political experience and knowledge to the table. 

Sophie Scamps, Member for Mackeller - IND 

Sophie Scamps’ election win in 2022 was historic - it was the first time a Liberal candidate lost the election in the seat’s history (her opponent Jason Falinski also went into the election with a 15.7% margin!) Since entering politics, Scamps has prioritised climate action and the environment, including introducing a Bill in late 2023 to expand the ‘water trigger’ in the EPBC Act to ensure that all unconventional gas projects were subject to federal scrutiny. 

Her achievements outside the realm of politics are equally as impressive. Scamps was a keen athlete, winning a gold medal at the World Junior Championships and qualified as a middle-distance runner in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. 

She then studied medicine at the University of Sydney before obtaining a Masters of Science at Oxford University. She worked as a doctor for nearly 30 years, first as an emergency doctor then as a general practitioner before entering politics. 

Scamps’ varied experience and social advocacy will continue to play an important part in influencing legislation that the Labor government puts forward, especially in regards to climate change and the environment.  

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