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Monitor every source
Catch every Parliament mention, media release and social post by key government and industry players.
Cut through the noise
Start with a curated topic or create custom searches. Fine tune your results with powerful filters.
Reclaim your inbox
Say goodbye to the firehose of email alerts. Get quality AI powered content delivered how and when you like it.
Slash research time
Forget trawling clunky government websites. Find the intelligence you need - fast.
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Keep your team informed

Things can move quickly in politics. When they do, you’ll need to tell the right people fast. Share political alerts and notify key internal stakeholders of critical news, so you can focus on making your next move.

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Know who's who in the zoo

Pulse comes with Advoc8's rich government directory. We track contact details for MPs and staff, and searchable, in-depth biographies written by our team of analysts. Easily download editable stakeholder briefs for hundreds of MPs across Australia and New Zealand.

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What you need when you need it

Thousands of feeds

Government and industry databases, Parliament, media releases and social feeds

Custom email alerts

Political alerts delivered around your preferences

Quick save and share

Save important items for later, or quickly share with internal and external colleagues

In-depth MP biographies

Hundreds of exportable MP briefs covering everything from portfolios to sporting teams

Powerful stakeholder search

Find decision-makers by common attributes like party, faction and swing seats

Contact lists

Exportable lists for thousands of MPs, advisers and public servants across all levels of government
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Preferred by top teams

Designed by GR people, for GR people, discover why hundreds of professionals are choosing Advoc8.

Pulse is especially useful to me in my work. It brings together all political and policy information, be it media commentary and analysis, Hansard and social media.
Head of Industry and Policy
Macquarie Telecom Group
When I get a Pulse alert, I know that I've covered all my bases. I feel really great about the content in every single one.
Policy Officer
Interactive Games and Entertainment Association
The beauty of Advoc8 is that it is the most powerful and user-friendly knowledge management tool we have ever come across.
Government Relations Manager
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