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Government relations software that sets you up for success

Tap into real-time political intelligence and automated workflow tools to keep you informed and in-sync

Medicines Australia

How Medicines Australia uses Advoc8 to manage its complex stakeholder network

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Save time and improve buy-in

Tools and data to ensure you always get a seat at the policy table.

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Find new ways to engage

We slice and dice real-time data to generate meaningful insights like who is most vocal or engaged in an issue, and quickly alert your stakeholders to updates, making it easier than ever to align with policy-makers and be the conduit between the outside and in.

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Slash research time

Free yourself from endless political alerts, trawling government websites and searching Parliament transcripts. Advoc8 has all the government. industry and policy news you need to quickly get up to speed on the people and issues that actually matter to you.

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What you need when you need it

Political intelligence

Government and industry databases, Parliament, media and social feeds

Impact reporting

Bespoke tracking and reporting tools to measure impact

Electorate mapping

Easily map data over electoral boundaries

Issue management

A collaborative space to manage issues and campaigns

Stakeholder engagement

Intuitive, enterprise-grade relationship management

Email integration

Sync with your inbox in just one click
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