Making the most of Budget week

Whether you’re in Parliament for Budget Night or not, there are ways to make most of your Budget week.

Whether you’re heading down to Canberra for Budget Night or not, there are a few things you can do to the most out of your Budget week.

'Dust settled' press releases and opinion pieces

On the night of the Budget just about every industry group, advocacy group and their cousin puts out a press release, hoping to get a mention in the post-budget wrap up from the Canberra press gallery and other commentators.  

Often overlooked is the opportunities that arise once the dust has settled.  In the days following the budget, news outlets are often looking for the stories behind the headline figures.  They're searching for a second, third and fourth tier story on the budget and how it will impact various groups.

This is the perfect time to drop a press release or pitch an opinion piece on a budget angle that hasn't been reported.  

Boardroom lunches or industry event

The Government and Opposition embark on a pseudo-campaign following the Federal Budget, not only in the media but putting their political spin on the figures at functions and events across the country.

While the Treasurer and Opposition Shadow tend to speak at the marquee business events, there are a range of MPs who have less demanding post-budget schedules and may be ideal to speak at a boardroom lunch or industry event for your organisation.  

This could include the 'Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Revenue and Financial Services', 'Assistant Minister to the Treasurer' or any Minister with a portfolio relevant to your industry and of course local backbenchers are always keen to be invited to speak.

Third party endorsement or case study

Another useful strategy following the Federal Budget is to offer your organisation up as a third-party endorser or detractor.  

The absolute best way for the Government to sell the Budget (and for the Opposition to tear it down) is by having an independent third party talk about how the numbers will affect them.

This can be an excellent opportunity to offer either side a spokesperson from your organisation to back in their Budget spin or even propose a site visit to your organisation or one of your members' sites as a media opportunity to help either the Government or the Opposition sell their message.

Even if it's is not taken up, making the offer can further strengthen your relationship with your targets.  

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